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    SUU New Internal Appointments

    8/30/2018 5:22:46 AM
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    Terrorism Insurance Scheme amendments

    Have you heard about the recent changes to Australia's Terrorism Insurance Scheme?

    5/24/2017 4:43:10 AM
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    New Residential and Commercial wording

    3/8/2017 9:50:41 AM
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    State of the States

    CommSec’s State of the States Report indicates dwelling stats above decade averages in six of the states and territories.

    3/8/2017 9:50:49 AM
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    ABC report into inner city appartments

    ABC reports Brisbane could see 50,000 new inner-city apartments.

    3/8/2017 9:50:58 AM
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    Terrorism Insurance Act Review

    Terrorism Insurance Act Review looks to extend cover for mixed-use and high-rise Residential buildings.

    3/8/2017 9:51:11 AM
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    NIBA explains Strata Insurance

    3/8/2017 9:51:17 AM
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    Insurance Council of Australia: Understanding Strata or Body Corporate Insurance

    3/8/2017 9:51:27 AM
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    NSW Government: Strata Plan Fast Facts

    3/8/2017 9:51:34 AM
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    More than Insurance

    SUU explains how they protect Residential and Commercial Strata Communities.

    3/8/2017 9:51:42 AM
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    Protecting Strata Communities: Important information

    ACCC announces Infinity cable recall.

    3/8/2017 9:51:50 AM
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    Flammable cladding

    SCA issues a media release about flammable cladding.

    3/8/2017 9:51:59 AM
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    ANZIIF Article - Love thy Neighbour

    3/8/2017 9:52:13 AM
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    SUU Assist Launch

    SUU are pleased to launch a new single sign-on intermediary portal called SUU Assist.

    3/8/2017 9:52:20 AM