Emergency repairs

If you need to make emergency repairs, please call us on 1300 668 066 and we will arrange assistance through our repairer and supplier network.

For after-hours emergency assistance, call 1800 SUU HELP (1800 788 435).

You can help the claim process by:

  • Taking photos of damage to your property
  • Keeping damaged property and items, so we can inspect and assess the damage, if required

What to do when making a claim

Make your claim as soon as possible after suffering a loss. 

You must also: 

  • Take all reasonable steps to prevent further loss from occurring
  • Submit a report to the police if your property is lost or stolen, vandalised or maliciously damaged (the police-report number will be required when you submit your claim)
  • Retain the property that has been damaged, as we may have to inspect it
  • Inform us of any prosecution or inquest that may be held 

In relation to the Goods and Services Tax (GST), you must provide information where requested. This includes: 

  • Your Australian Business Number (ABN), if applicable
  • Notification as to whether or not you are registered for GST
  • The amount of input tax credit you have claimed on the GST (applicable on the premium) 

Failure to submit any of the requested information can delay the processing of and/or the amount paid for your claim. 

What NOT to do when making a claim

You must not repair or replace any damaged property without our consent. 

You must not pay, promise to pay, offer payment for, or admit responsibility for a claim.

Determining whether you should submit a Liability Claim

If something happens that results in personal injury or damage to the property of a third party, it may result in a Liability Claim. You should notify us as soon as you become aware of the incident. We will keep a record of the event, in case further action is brought against you by the third party. 

If you receive a demand or any other notification from a third party (or their legal representatives) concerning personal injury or property damage, you must advise us immediately. You must complete a Liability Claim form and submit it, along with the correspondence received from the third party.

From here, immediately forward any further correspondence that you receive from the third party, their legal representatives or any other party associated with the event. 

Remember: You must NOT admit any liability in respect to the event.